A Romance Query That Worked

The query letter that led to my book deal and agent

Querying can be so stressful. And as a new author, I’m not very far out of it. When I was drafting my own queries, one of the things I found most helpful was reading successful letters. I’m grateful for the authors who shared with me, and I’m sharing mine now in case it helps even one other author.

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Sharing, just like this!
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Querying With A Deal

What I wish I’d known about finding an agent when there’s an offer from a publisher first.

Finishing a book is a huge accomplishment–and figuring out what to do with that book can be huge challenge. There are so many types of publication right now and the paths to publication are not always straightforward. For example: what do you do if you get an offer from a publisher–but think you might still want an agent?

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Me, a lawyer, reading my first publishing contract.
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