#RomBKLove 2020

Trope: Wrapped around your pinky

See, don’t ever set me free
I always want to be by your side

You Really Got Me/The Kinks

May 2020 is #RomBkLove, a social media celebration of romance tropes and romance-related conversations. I’m a romance author, but a reader too, and as part of the fun, I’m talking about the trope wrapped around your pinky

To me, this about softness. Who, or what, makes the MC show their soft side? Who enchants the tough cookies or melts icy hearts? What does that normally stoic character get mushy and adoring for? 

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Release week guest posts!

Starcrossed is here! To celebrate, some lovely bloggers invited me to share on their sites. You can catch me at the below (will be updated again later this week):

Author Q&A with Evie Drae

Talking about my (hypothetical) wrestling entrance theme song, my demon of self-doubt, and my car, Swift Wind, over on Evie’s site.

The Archive Appreciation Post

Queer Books Unbound hosted me shouting out my thanks to librarians and three of the archives I used while drafting a 1920s America-set novel.

Six Romance Series With Stellar Queer Sophomores

I’m over on Joyfully Jay talking about second books that I loved.

How I Incorporated the Supernatural into the MiM Series

Find me on Smexy Books with thoughts on how paranormal and fantasy arcs fit into romance.

Fresh Fiction’s Get to Know Your Favorite Authors

Twenty questions about STARCROSSED and more at Fresh Fiction.

Guest Post for The Old Shelter

The incredibly lovely Sarah Zama, a fellow historical fiction author, invited me to write a guest post for her dieselpunk blog, The Old Shelter! When I was working on Spellbound, one of my go-to research resources was New York historical newspapers. In my guest post, I share 1920s advertisements for things found in Spellbound–and a spoiler-free peek at two things that will be found in the upcoming Magic in Manhattan #2!

You can learn more about Sarah’s 1920s fiction here, and you can read my guest post on her blog here.

Four Things I Had To Learn To Finish A Novel

Hint: It wasn’t grammar. (It’s still not grammar. Sorry, editors.)

This post was requested by a friend planning to do Nanowrimo (a yearly challenge to write a 50K novel–or your own “rebel” goal–in a month). My confession is that despite three attempts, I’ve never “completed” Nanowrimo. But after some false starts, I did manage to finish a novel, and my friend asked how I finally pushed past the roadblocks. And when I told them some of what worked for me, they asked me to put it in a blog post and share with everyone. So here goes. 🙂

Creators gonna create

The artist Bob Ross painting on a canvas with the text "Find freedom on this canvas."
On this blog we stan Bob Ross.
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