Upcoming Zoom: Feb 25, 7pm EST

Queering Paranormal Historical Romance with Boston’s The History Project

I hope everyone is surviving the winter storms of the past week (and, well, the EVERYTHING of the past year). For anyone interested, I’ll be joining The History Project this Thursday, Feb 25, at 7pm Eastern for a chat about historical romance, historical research, and more!

The event will be live on Zoom. It’s free and open to all, but you’ll need to RSVP here ahead of time to get the link. If you wanted to catch it but can’t, a recording will be available afterwards upon request. If you’ve got a question but can’t make it, you’re welcome to let me know ahead of time!

Hope to “see” you Thursday! 😊

The History Project is the only organization focused exclusively on documenting and preserving the history of New England’s LGBTQ communities and sharing that history with LGBTQ individuals, organizations, allies, and the public. Learn more at www.thehistoryproject.org.

(Even More) Historical Research Behind STARCROSSED

One of my favorite parts of writing the Magic in Manhattan series has been diving into American history–not just what I was taught in school, but the history that would have impacted Rory, Arthur, and their friends. Although works of fiction, the books are still set in “real” historical New York, and I try to weave these real historical details in alongside the magic and romance.

I’ve written some about my historical research already, but with Starcrossed’s audiobook now here after Covid-19 delayed production for months, I wanted to share a little bit more–including some pictures of my own!

(All images copyright as noted or otherwise mine.)

Upstate New York

Hyde Park, West Park, Poughkeepsie

Some readers may have recognized the inspiration behind Harry Kenzie’s Hyde Park mansion as the real-life Vanderbilt Mansion. Built between 1896 and 1899, this mansion is now a National Historic Site. Harry’s library was inspired by the den and study/office, and Rory’s basement quarters were inspired by the mansion’s staff quarters. 

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Racial Justice Resources

True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Like millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged by the race-based police brutality, injustice, racism and human rights violations that continue to poison our country.

I want to share resources for racial justice for anyone else looking for how they can help:

Page will continue to be updated.