Black and white photo of Allie Therin.

Allie Therin is an award-winning Cuban-American author of romance and urban fantasy. Her books have received starred reviews, climbed bestseller lists, topped reader-favorite polls and featured on sites like Bookriot, Lamda Literary, and The Nerd Daily.

A longtime fan of romance, mystery and speculative fiction, she also is, or has been, a bookseller, an attorney, a Parks & Rec assistant, a boom operator, and a barista for one (embarrassing) day. Allie grew up in a tiny Pacific Northwest town with more bears than people, although the bears sadly would not practice Spanish with her.

Chibi cartoon of Allie Therin holding an oversized pencil and drawing a heart.
Art by Helen Kord

When not researching odd questions for her books, she loves to connect with other readers and writers – come say hi on Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, or drop her a note!

White fluffy cat asleep on a desk next to a computer keyboard and wireless headphones.
Allie’s co-writer.
Two smiling stick figures, the taller one wearing glasses and drawn with blue and orange crayon, the smaller one drawn with purple, brown, and yellow crayon.
Art by Allie’s son.