Frequently Asked Questions

I am with a media outlet/website/blog. Is Allie available for guest posts, interviews, etc.?

Yes! If you have questions or would like to reach out about an opportunity, you can find ways to get in touch with Allie or her agent on her contact page. For inquiries relating to Spellbound, you may also contact the publicists at Carina Press.

Where can I find Allie’s books? Can I review an ARC of Spellbound?

Allie’s first book, Spellbound, will be out July 29th from Harlequin’s Carina Press. It’s currently available for ARC request on NetGalley or for pre-order wherever eBooks are sold. You can find the blurb and pre-order links here.

Allie is currently writing the next two books in the Magic in Manhattan series and has a soft science fiction suspense book with her agent, Laura Zats.

When can I get the next book in the Magic in Manhattan series? Will it still be about Rory and Arthur?

Spellbound’s sequel will also be set in 1925 and will continue Rory and Arthur’s romance and paranormal adventures with their friends. It will be available in 2020 from Carina Press. Stay tuned for exact release dates, or sign up for Allie’s email list to get an email when there’s information to share.

How do I get in touch with Allie or her agent?

Allie loves to hear from readers and other writers as well as industry folks! Find all the ways to connect with Allie on her contact page.