Content Warnings

Content warnings are posted separately in the hopes that readers who want to avoid spoilers can do so while still making warnings easily accessible to any reader who uses content warnings as part of deciding if a book is right for them.

Efforts have been made to create a list as spoiler-free as possible while still being comprehensive, but please be aware the below list may contain spoilers.

Content warnings for Spellbound:

  • Period-specific racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and class prejudice
  • Deceased parent (mother)
  • References to past with bad parent (father)
  • References to past in an asylum/threat of lobotomy
  • References to past torture
  • References to complicated relationships with religion
  • On-page violence (including murder)
  • On-page torture via magic (psychic)
  • Use of a cis character’s past name
  • Character referring to themselves as “screwy”

Content warnings for Starcrossed:

  • All warnings above apply
  • References to shell shock/PTSD and related nightmares

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