Content Warnings

Magic in Manhattan trilogy

Content warnings are given to help readers decide if these books are right for them. References means the event occurred in a character’s past or characters engage in discussion or threats about the topic; on-page means the event occurs in the book.

Please be aware the below list may contain spoilers.

Content warnings for Spellbound:
  • Period-specific racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and class prejudice
  • Deceased parent (mother)
  • References to child abuse
  • References to forced institutionalization and lobotomy
  • References to torture
  • References to complicated relationships with religion
  • On-page violence (including murder)
  • On-page torture via magic (psychic)
  • On-page use of a cis character’s past name
  • On-page character self-referring as “screwy”
Content warnings for Starcrossed:
  • All warnings above apply
  • References to shell shock/PTSD and past torture; related nightmares
Content warnings for Wonderstruck:
  • All warnings above apply
  • On-page nonconsensual control of a person’s physical body
Content warnings for Proper Scoundrels:
  • Deceased family (father, mother, brother)
  • Brief implication that someone in Lord Fine’s past may have died of illness (prologue)
  • References to past torture
  • References to past self-harm (magically-induced)
  • References to past child neglect

Readers are always welcome to reach out and ask for more information about any of these warnings. Find all the ways to get in touch with Allie on her contact page.