Content Warnings

Magic in Manhattan trilogy

Content warnings are given to help readers decide if these books are right for them. References means the event occurred in a character’s past or characters engage in discussion or threats about the topic; on-page means the event occurs in the book.

Please be aware the below list may contain spoilers.

Content warnings for Spellbound:
  • Period-specific racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and class prejudice
  • Deceased parent (mother)
  • References to child abuse
  • References to forced institutionalization and lobotomy
  • References to torture
  • References to complicated relationships with religion
  • On-page violence (including murder)
  • On-page torture via magic (psychic)
  • On-page use of a cis character’s past name
  • On-page character self-referring as “screwy”
Content warnings for Starcrossed:
  • All warnings above apply
  • References to shell shock/PTSD and past torture; related nightmares
Content warnings for Wonderstruck:
  • All warnings above apply
  • On-page nonconsensual control of a person’s physical body

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